Pop-up Menu (MSAA UI Element Reference)

Note  This topic describes Pop-up Menu objects for purposes of MSAA UI Element Reference. How to create Pop-up Menu objects in various UI frameworks is not described here. See the API reference documentation for the UI framework you're using.

A pop-up menu displays a list of menu commands. Microsoft Active Accessibility creates a menu pop-up object when a menu item in a menu bar is opened. Microsoft Active Accessibility also creates menu pop-up objects for context menus, which are displayed when the user right-clicks a user interface element.

The window class name for a pop-up menu is "#32768".

IAccessible Methods

A pop-up menu supports the following IAccessible methods:

IAccessible Properties

A pop-up menu supports the following IAccessible properties:

get_accChild Retrieves the IDispatch for the specified menu item. The child IDs for the menu items are numbered sequentially from top to bottom starting with one.
get_accChildCount The ChildCount property is the number of menu items in the menu, including menu separators.
get_accName The Name property for a pop-up menu is the same name as the menu. The Name property for a context menu is "Context".
get_accParent The Parent property is a window ( ROLE_SYSTEM_WINDOW ) that surrounds the pop-up menu and has the same Name property and window class name as the pop-up menu .
get_accRole The Role property is ROLE_SYSTEM_MENUPOPUP.
get_accState The State property is a combination of one or more of the following values:




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