saturation (chroma)

Generally chroma is the amount of gray that is mixed into a hue. Zero chroma produces a shade of gray. Full chroma produces a pure hue.


A shade of a color is made by adding black to its hue.

soft proofing

Previewing or proofing an image on a video display.


An international standard RGB color space proposed by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard that is device independent. This standard has been approved as a formal international standard by the Multimedia Systems and EquipmentColour Measurement and ManagementPart 2-1: Colour ManagementDefault RGB Colour Space. It is available directly from the IEC at http://www.iec.ch/.

subtractive primary colors

Colors that can be subtracted from white to mix a new color. The subtractive primary colors are cyan, yellow, and magenta.