Macros for CMYK Values and Colors

The following macros are useful in manipulating CMYK values.

CMYK Builds a CMYK value from individual cyan, magenta, yellow, and black values.
GetCValue Retrieves the cyan color value from a CMYK color value.
GetKValue Retrieves the black color value from a CMYK color value.
GetMValue Retrieves the magenta value from a CMYK color value.
GetYValue Retrieves the yellow color value from a CMYK color value.


The following macros are used with color.

GetBValue Gets an RGB blue value.
GetGValue Gets an RGB green value.
GetRValue Gets an RGB red value.
PALETTEINDEX Accepts an index to a logical-color palette entry and returns a palette-entry specifier.
PALETTERGB Accepts three values that represent the relative intensities of red, green, and blue and returns a palette-relative red, green, blue (RGB) specifier.
RGB Selects a red, green, blue (RGB) color based on the arguments supplied and the color capabilities of the output device.