Basic Functions for Use Within a Device Context

The following WCS functions deliver basic color mapping capabilities within device contexts. They are useful to all applications that need to implement color management with low overhead and minimal user intervention.

CheckColorsInGamut Checks if given colors are in a device's gamut.
ColorCorrectPalette Corrects the entries in a palette for a device context.
ColorMatchToTarget Performs color mapping for preview purposes.
CreateColorSpace Creates a color space.
DeleteColorSpace Deletes a color space.
EnumICMProfiles Enumerates output color profiles available for a given device context.
EnumICMProfilesProcCallback Application-defined callback function for EnumICMProfiles. The name of this function is also defined by the application.
GetColorSpace Gets the current input color space in a device context.
GetICMProfile Gets the current output color profile of a device context.
GetLogColorSpace Gets the LOGCOLORSPACE structure of a device context.
SetColorSpace Sets a device context's input color space.
SetICMMode Turns color management on or off in a device context.
SetICMProfile Sets the output color profile for a given device context.
WcsEnumColorProfiles Enumerates all color profiles that satisfy the enumeration criteria in the specified profile management scope.