Advanced Functions for Use Outside of a Device Context

These functions provide advanced color management capabilities outside of device contexts.

ApplyCallbackFunction Callback function which updates the WCS configuration data while the dialog box displayed by the SetupColorMatching function is executing.
CheckBitmapBits Checks bitmap colors against a gamut.
CheckColors Checks colors against a device output gamut.
ConvertColorNameToIndex Converts color names in a named color space to index numbers in a color profile.
ConvertIndexToColorName Converts indices in a color space to an array of names in a named color space.
CreateColorTransform Creates a color transform.
CreateMultiProfileTransform Creates a transform from multiple profiles.
DeleteColorTransform Deletes a color transform.
GetCMMInfo Identifies the CMM that created a transform.
GetNamedProfileInfo Retrieves information about a named color profile.
ICMProgressProcCallback Application-supplied callback function to report progress. The name of this function is also defined by the application.
SelectCMM Specifies a preferred CMM to use.
SetupColorMatching Provides user control over color management by way of a dialog box.
TranslateBitmapBits Converts bitmap colors using a color transform.
TranslateColors Converts colors using a color transform.
WcsCheckColors Determines whether the colors in an array are within the output gamut of a specified WCS color transform.
WcsTranslateColors Translates an array of colors from the source color space to the destination color space as defined by a color transform.