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IMMDevice::OpenPropertyStore method

The OpenPropertyStore method retrieves an interface to the device's property store.


HRESULT OpenPropertyStore(
  [in]  DWORD          stgmAccess,
  [out] IPropertyStore **ppProperties


stgmAccess [in]

The storage-access mode. This parameter specifies whether to open the property store in read mode, write mode, or read/write mode. Set this parameter to one of the following STGM constants:




The method permits a client running as an administrator to open a store for read-only, write-only, or read/write access. A client that is not running as an administrator is restricted to read-only access. For more information about STGM constants, see the Windows SDK documentation.

ppProperties [out]

Pointer to a pointer variable into which the method writes the address of the IPropertyStore interface of the device's property store. Through this method, the caller obtains a counted reference to the interface. The caller is responsible for releasing the interface, when it is no longer needed, by calling the interface's Release method. If the OpenPropertyStore call fails, *ppProperties is NULL. For more information about IPropertyStore, see the Windows SDK documentation.

Return value

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. If it fails, possible return codes include, but are not limited to, the values shown in the following table.

Return codeDescription

Parameter stgmAccess is not a valid access mode.


Parameter ppProperties is NULL.


Out of memory.



In general, the properties in the device's property store are read-only for clients that do not perform administrative, system, or service functions.

For code examples that call the OpenPropertyStore method, see the following topics:


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]



See also

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