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Identifies the UI_PKEY_Keytip property.

   name = UI_PKEY_Keytip
   shellPKey = UI_PKEY_Keytip
   formatID = 00000003-7363-696e-8441798acf5aebb7
   propID = 3
      type = VT_LPWSTR


UI_PKEY_Keytip is used by an application to query the keyboard accelerator of a ribbon control.

This property value is a string, composed of any sequence of characters including white space.

The value of UI_PKEY_Keytip acts as the keyboard accelerator for a Command unless that Command is exposed through a menu item. In this case, the framework ignores the UI_PKEY_Keytip value and instead uses a character preceded by an ampersand as specified by Command.LabelTitle or UI_PKEY_Label. If no ampersand is specified by Command.LabelTitle or UI_PKEY_Label, no keytip or keyboard accelerator is exposed.

The maximum length of UI_PKEY_Keytip is unbounded.

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