Porting IRIS GL Get Functions

IRIS GL "get" functions take the following form:

int getthing();


int getthings( int *a, int *b);

Your IRIS GL code probably includes get function calls that look something like:

thing = getthing(); 
if (getthing() == THING) { /* some stuff here */ } 
getthings (&a, &b);

In OpenGL you use one of the following four types of glGet functions in place of equivalent IRIS GL get functions:

  • glGetBooleanv
  • glGetIntegerv
  • glGetFloatv
  • glGetDoublev

The functions have the following syntax:

glGet<Datatype>v( value, *data );

where value is of type GLenum and data is of type GLdatatype. When you call glGet and it returns a type different from the type expected, the type is converted appropriately. For a complete list of glGet parameters, see glGet.