Porting Display Lists

The OpenGL implementation of display lists is similar to the IRIS GL implementation, with two exceptions: in OpenGL you can't edit display lists once you've created them and you can't call functions from within display lists.

Because you can't edit or call functions from within display lists, these IRIS GL functions have no equivalent in OpenGL:

  • editobj
  • objdelete, objinsert, and objreplace
  • maketag, gentag, istag, and deltag
  • callfunc

In IRIS GL, you use the makeobj and closeobj functions to create display lists. In OpenGL, you use glNewList and glEndList.

The following table lists the IRIS GL display list functions with their equivalent OpenGL functions.

IRIS GL functionOpenGL functionMeaning
makeobjglNewListCreates a new display list.
closeobjglEndListSignals end of display list.
callobj glCallList, glCallLists Executes display list or lists.
isobj glIsList Tests for display list existence.
delobj glDeleteLists Deletes contiguous group of display lists.
genobj glGenLists Generates the given number of contiguous empty display lists.


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