OpenGL State Variables

The following topics list the names of state variables that can be queried:

For each variable, the topic lists a description, attribute group, initial or minimum value, and the suggested glGet* function to use for obtaining it.

State variables that you can obtain using glGetBooleanv, glGetIntegerv, glGetFloatv, or glGetDoublev are listed with just one of these functionsthe one that is most appropriate for the type of data to be returned. You cannot obtain these state variables using glIsEnabled. However, you can obtain state variables for which glIsEnabled is listed as the query function with glGetBooleanv, glGetIntegerv, glGetFloatv, and glGetDoublev. You can obtain state variables for which any other function is listed as the query function only by using that function. If no attribute group is listed, the variable doesn't belong to any group. All state variables that you can query, except those that are implementation dependent, have initial values. To determine the initial value of a variable for which no initial value is listed, see that variable's reference or the

OpenGL Reference Manual.