The following samples demonstrate the Direct2D API.

Windows 10 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Samples

Direct2D custom image effects sampleThis sample demonstrates how to implement Custom effects using HLSL pixel, vertex, and compute shaders.
Direct2D gradient mesh sampleThis sample demonstrates how to instantiate and render a gradient mesh in Direct2D. This samples uses the helper method provided by Direct2D to create a mesh consisting of two tensor patches that share a side.
Direct2D photo adjustment sampleThis sample demonstrates how to build a photo viewer and editor using Direct2D and Direct2D Effects.


Windows 8 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Samples

Direct2D composite effect modes sampleThis sample shows the wide range of composite and blend modes available from Direct2D.
Direct2D convolve matrix effect sampleThis sample demonstrates the Direct2D Effects convolve matrix effect.
Direct2D 3D transform effect sampleThis sample demonstrates the different methods to transform an image in 3-D space.
Direct2D basic image effects sampleThis sample shows how to load an image, apply the Gaussian blur effect to it, and then display it in a Windows::UI::Core::CoreWindow.
Direct2D effects on primitives sampleThis sample shows how apply image effects to Direct2D primitives.
Direct2D interpolation modes sampleThis sample shows the various interpolation modes used by Direct2D.
JPEG YCbCr optimizations in Direct2D and WIC sampleDemonstrates performance optimizations by in Direct2D and the Windows Imaging Component rendering image data in the JPEG YCbCr format natively.
XAML Direct2D lighting effects sampleThis sample demonstrates the lighting effects available in Direct2D Effects. The lighting effect properties are controlled by XAML interface controls and then displayed using Direct2D via a XAML SwapChainBackgroundPanel.
Direct2D perspective transform sampleThis sample shows how to use the DrawBitmap API to display an image with a perspective transform applied to it.
Block compressed images sampleDemonstrates how to create and use block compressed images (DDS files) in a Windows Store app.
DirectX postcard app sampleThis sample demonstrates the end-to-end implementation of a simple Windows Store app using DirectX with C++ for postcard creation using DirectX and XAML interop.