GetADDomain SOAP Faults

This section documents the SOAP faults specified for use by servers that implement the Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol GetADDomain operation. These faults SHOULD be used by servers while processing an Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol message to indicate to the client that a server-side error has occurred. This protocol assigns these faults a specific meaning within the context of an Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol operation using the protocol defined in this document.

Server implementations are permitted to return additional faults beyond those described below. However, to maximize interoperability, implementations SHOULD make use of the below faults where applicable.

Some of the SOAP faults documented below specify English-language text in their fault reason. Server implementations are permitted to localize this text to other languages. It is important that localized text maintain, to the extent possible, the same meaning as the English text supplied in this document.

All SOAP faults defined in this document MUST be sent as described in [WSASB] section 6.

In the tables in the following sections:

[Code] is the SOAP fault code.

[Subcode] is the SOAP fault subcode.

[Action] is the SOAP action URI for the fault.

[Reason] is an illustrative example of a human-readable explanation of the error.

[Details] is the fault detail (also known as SOAP fault detail).

The following table summarizes the faults (grouped by fault subcode) that are specified in this section.

Fault Subcode



Bad Parameter Error: One or more parameters in the request was invalid.


Directory Error: Implementation specific errors.


Bad Principal Error: The request contained a nonexistent domain.


Authentication Error: The server was unable to authenticate using the client's security context.