3.3.5 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

In the following sections, the notation "Message.PasswordUpdate" is used to refer to the PasswordUpdate request message (section 2.2.2). By using this convention, Message.PasswordUpdate.Flags, for example, refers to the Flags field of the PasswordUpdate request message. Similarly, "Message.ResetBadPwdCount" refers to the ResetBadPwdCount request message (section 2.2.3), "Message.PasswordUpdateForward" refers to the PasswordUpdateForward request message (section 2.2.4), and "Message.ResetSmartCardAccountPassword" refers to the ResetSmartCardAccountPassword request message (section 2.2.8).

For each message in this section, an informative description of the message is presented first; then, a normative description about how the message must be processed is given.