RdcGetFileDataAsync (Opnum 16)

The RdcGetFileDataAsync method is used instead of calling RdcGetFileData multiple times to obtain file data. As specified in [MS-RPCE], the specification for asynchronous RPC, an RPC client pulls file data from the byte pipe until receiving an end-of-file notification from the pipe.

 DWORD RdcGetFileDataAsync(
   [in] PFRS_SERVER_CONTEXT serverContext,
   [out] BYTE_PIPE* bytePipe

serverContext: The context handle that represents the requested file replication operation. The client MUST specify a server context that was retrieved by a previously successful call to the InitializeFileTransferAsync method in which the client set the rdcDesired parameter to TRUE.

bytePipe: The asynchronous RPC byte pipe that contains returned file data.

Return Values: This method MUST return 0 on success or a nonzero error code on failure. For protocol purposes all nonzero values MUST be treated as equivalent failures unless otherwise specified.

Return value/code




The method completed successfully.



The context is invalid.



The content set was not found.



Unknown error in RDC.



The compressed data is invalid.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol [MS-RPCE].

Validating the file transfer request: The server MUST validate the file transfer request by performing the same checks as the RdcGetFileData method, except for the checks related to input parameters that exist in the RdcGetFileData method but not in the RdcGetFileDataAsync method.

Actions Triggered: Upon successfully validating the RDC file data request, the server serves file data from the source needs that were queued by the RdcPushSourceNeeds method.

Remarks: The data stream returned by the RdcGetFileDataAsync method is identical to the format of the data received by a single call to the RdcGetFileData method if the RdcGetFileData method is passed a buffer large enough to hold all the data returned by the pipe.