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Token Stream Name:


Token Stream Function:

Used to send a complete row, as defined by the COLMETADATA token, to the client.

Token Stream Comments:

  • The token value is 0xD1.

Token Stream-Specific Rules:

 TokenType        =   BYTE
 TextPointer      =   B_VARBYTE
 Timestamp        =   8BYTE
 Data             =   TYPE_VARBYTE
 ColumnData       =   [TextPointer Timestamp]
 AllColumnData    =   *ColumnData

The ColumnData element is repeated once for each column of data.

TextPointer and Timestamp MUST NOT be specified if the instance of type text/ntext/image is a NULL instance (GEN_NULL).

Token Stream Definition:

 ROW              =   TokenType

Token Stream Parameter Details:






The length of the text pointer and the text pointer for data.


The timestamp of a text/image column. This is not present if the value of data is CHARBIN_NULL or GEN_NULL.


The actual data for the column. The TYPE_INFO information describing the data type of this data is given in the preceding COLMETADATA_TOKEN, ALTMETDATA_TOKEN or OFFSET_TOKEN.

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