Width Property

Sets the width of the form or control. Width is displayed in increments of 1/100 of a millimeter.

  • Check boxes

  • Command buttons

  • Forms

  • Frames

  • Images

  • Indicators

  • Labels

  • Matrix boxes

  • Menu buttons

  • Option buttons

  • Picture boxes

  • Shapes

  • Subforms

  • Tab controls

  • Table boxes

  • Text boxes

Typically, you will click the form or control to select it and then use the mouse to size it. You can also enter an exact measurement.

If you use the wizard, the form and controls are sized for you. You can change the width as necessary.

For forms, changing the width here has no effect on any subforms. You can change the setting of this property dynamically by using the WIDTH Function (Control, Form) function.

For controls, the width specifies the width of the column. Static controls in the heading inherit the width from the column control.

The Width property is not supported in the RoleTailored client. The size and position of controls and pages are determined automatically, depending on the display device used.

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