READPERMISSION Function (Record)

Determines if you can read from a table. This function can test for both full read permission and partial read permission that has been granted with a security filter.




Type: Record

The record in the table from which you want to read.

Type: Boolean

Specifies whether you have permission to read from the table.

true if you can read from some or all of the table. false if you cannot read from the table.

This function uses the filter that is currently applied to the Record to determine whether you have read permission. If no filter is applied, the function tests for full read permission. If a filter has been set, the function only tests for read permission within the range of the filter.

To determine whether the user has a partial read permission, because a security filter has been applied, use the SETPERMISSIONFILTER Function (Record) before testing the permission with READPERMISSION.

If you do not have permission to read from a table and you attempt to read, a run-time error occurs. This function allows you to determine in advance if you have read permission. When the permissions are checked, the combination of permissions in the license file and the user's permissions in the Permission table is considered.

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