Create Item in Navigation Pane Designer

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

To create an item in the Navigation Pane Designer, right-click an item in the content pane area, and then click Create Item. In the Create Item window, specify the Object Type, Object ID, Caption, and CaptionML (multilanguage caption) of the menu item that you want to add to a menu. For example, if you have created a new report and want to add it as a menu item to a particular menu, then select Report in the Object Type field drop-down list and use the lookup in the Object ID field to select the report from the Report List window. Click the Caption field for the name of the report to be automatically entered. You can change the Caption field if necessary. By default, the CaptionML field shows the code for the language that you use on your computer and the name of the menu item. If you have designed a menu item that will be used in different languages by different users, you must give the menu item a name in each language. Click the AssistButton to open the Multilanguage Editor in which you can enter a menu item name for each language code.