Redesigning Classic Reports with Visual Studio Report Designer

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

The following table provides an overview of how to locate Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 information about redesigning Classic report layouts as client report definition (RDLC) layouts.

To See

View and design Classic report layouts and RDLC report layouts

Understanding Report Redesign

Create an RDLC report layout for an existing report

How to: Create a Layout Suggestion

Create a new RDLC report layout

Designing Reports for the RoleTailored Client

Manually modify a new RDLC report layout

Manual Updates to Redesigned RDLC Report Layouts

Work with both Classic client Report Designer and Visual Studio Report Designer

How to: Integrate Classic Client Report Designer and Visual Studio Report Designer

Learn how to redesign report layouts from the standard application

Walkthrough: Redesigning a Customer List Report and Walkthrough: Redesigning a Customer - Order Summary Report

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