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SETSTAMP Function (File)

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

Use this function to set a timestamp for a file.

[Ok :=] File.SETSTAMP(Name, Date [, Time])



Type: text or code.

The name of the file, including its path. When you enter the path, keep in mind these shortcuts:

  • You can omit the drive designation, if the file is located on the current drive.

  • You can omit the full path, if the file is located in the current directory.

  • You can enter only the subdirectory name, if the file is located in a subdirectory of the current directory.


Type: date

The date you want stamped on the file.


Type: time

The time you want stamped on the file.

Type: Boolean

If you omit this optional return value, a run-time error occurs if the file cannot be found. When you include the return value, you must handle any errors.

true if the timestamp was set; otherwise false.

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