IT Pro/System Administrator Prerequisites and Tasks

This topic provides information about the prerequisite skills and knowledge that are required for the IT professional (IT pro) and system administrator who use BizTalk RFID. It also lists the tasks that they perform while they are using BizTalk RFID.

Prerequisites for IT Pro/System Administrators

A system administrator must have knowledge about the following:

  • How to manage user and group accounts in Windows domains

  • How to configure networking and connectivity

  • How to implement network and file security in a Windows network environment

  • How to install and use SQL Server databases.

An IT pro who is responsible for the deployment of RFID solutions must be at least moderately experienced with the following:

  • General RFID concepts

  • Performance monitoring and optimization techniques

  • Concepts and techniques related to backup and restore

  • General network concepts and troubleshooting

IT Pro/System Administrator Tasks

The IT pro or system administrator installs, configures, and deploys BizTalk RFID and manages daily operations of BizTalk RFID. Typical tasks include the following:

  • Install hardware and software that is required to successfully implement RFID services

  • Install and configure BizTalk RFID

  • Manage user access to BizTalk RFID

  • Troubleshoot connectivity and access issues related to RFID services

  • Perform daily management activities such as:

    • Review daily logs

    • Monitor security constraints, load activities, number of threads, exceptions, function calls, and Web service requests

  • Monitor BizTalk RFID performance and take corrective action if performance is not optimal

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