Getting Assistance with BizTalk RFID

Microsoft provides the following principal sources of information about BizTalk RFID Server:

  • The documentation, tutorials, and samples that are installed with BizTalk RFID Server.

  • BizTalk RFID Server information on additional Microsoft Web sites.

BizTalk RFID Server Documentation, Tutorials, and Samples

When you install BizTalk RFID Server, you can install the documentation, sample applications, and tutorials. They cover concepts and procedures that are required to use BizTalk RFID Server effectively.

BizTalk RFID Server Help also includes reference material regarding the languages and programming interfaces for building applications by using BizTalk RFID Server.

If you use the BizTalk RFID Server Setup program to install the documentation and tutorials, you can access them in two ways:

  • Through the BizTalk RFID program group on the Start menu.

  • Through F1 Help and Dynamic Help in the BizTalk RFID tools and utilities.

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