Testing a Server Application

Contoso Provider and Contoso Device Simulator are sample end-to-end applications that demonstrate interaction with BizTalk RFID. The Contoso scenario illustrates how to develop and test device providers. Because Contoso is a functional provider, you can simulate devices by using the Contoso provider to test the applications that you build on BizTalk RFID.

Contoso Device Simulator enables you to start working with BizTalk RFID quickly, even if you do not have a physical device connected to BizTalk RFID. The end-to-end scenario includes activities such as obtaining tag reads from a simulated reader, processing the tag reads in an RFID process, and saving the tag reads in the RFIDsink database.

The Contoso scenario will try to use the RFIDsink database on the default instance of SQL Server on the same computer as BizTalk RFID. If the database does not exist, it is created when the ContosoTestProcess is started for the first time.

The Contoso sample consists of the following important elements:

  • A device simulator that simulates the presence of an RFID device (including tag notifications and synchronous commands)

  • A simple XML protocol (called the Contoso protocol) for communication between the Contoso device and the Contoso provider

  • A device provider that translates Device Service Provider Interface (DSPI) commands into the Contoso protocol and handles all communication between the device and BizTalk RFID

  • A sample RFID process with a single event handler (the SQL Server Sink event handler)

  • A simulated RFID device

The Contoso sample provides the following advantages:

  • Provides a sequential list of steps that every RFID application author must be aware of, including process authoring, binding, and deployment.

  • Offers a sample device provider for bootstrapping efforts to write new providers. The Contoso provider and the DSPI library together are intended to help simplify the job of the provider author.

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