3.1 Common Server Processing and Notational Conventions

This section describes processing that is common to all operations on all port types. Specifically, it discusses the SOAP header that is included by clients on SOAP messages to identity Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol requests. It also documents the abstract data model and initialization procedure common to all port types.

If e is an element, then the following list defines common states of the value of e:

  • Empty: The string "<e></e>" is considered to specify an empty e element.

  • Null: The string "<e nil="true"></e>" is considered to specify a null e element.

  • Not Present: A SOAP block that does not contain the string "<e>" is considered to specify an element e that is not present.

  • Unspecific: The string "<e>…</e>" is considered to specify any value permitted for the element e. The value can include null, empty, or not present, if permitted for e.