Chunk Generation

This section specifies the RDC FilterMax algorithm, which is used to generate chunks.

RDC chunk generation is initiated by the protocol or application that is using RDC for efficient data transfer. For an example, see [MS-FRS2] section

RDC chunk generation takes as input a file and two parameters, the hash window and the horizon, and produces a set of offsets into the file that indicates the start of the chunks of the file. Prior to their use, the hash window and the horizon MUST be negotiated between the source location and target location of the file to ensure that chunks are generated consistently on both ends. Negotiation of hash window and horizon is application-specific and is not addressed in this document.<1>

The following diagram illustrates chunk generation.

RDC chunk generation

Figure 1: RDC chunk generation

With each chunk, RDC computes a signature. See section