Transaction Descriptor Header

This packet data stream contains information regarding transaction descriptor and number of outstanding requests as they apply to [MSDN-MARS].

The TransactionDescriptor MUST be 0, and OutstandingRequestCount MUST be 1 if the connection is operating in AutoCommit mode. For more information about autocommit transactions, see [MSDN-Autocommit].

Stream-Specific Rules:

 OutstandingRequestCount =   DWORD     ; number of requests currently
                                         active on the connection
 TransactionDescriptor   =   ULONGLONG ; For each connection, a number that 
                                         identifies the transaction
                                         the request is associated
                                         Initially generated by
                                         the server when a new transaction
                                         is created and returned to
                                         the client as part of the
                                         ENVCHANGE token stream.

For more information about processing the Transaction Descriptor header, see section

Stream Definition:

 Header Data      =   TransactionDescriptor