A server processes a GetADDomainController request using the Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol upon receiving a SOAP message that contains the GetADDomainController SOAP header and that specifies the following URI as the SOAP action:


This operation is specified by the following WSDL.

 <wsdl:operation name="GetADDomainController">
       message="ca:GetADDomainControllerRequest" />
       message="ca:GetADDomainControllerResponse" />
 "ca:TopologyManagement_GetADDomainController_GetADDomainControllerFault_FaultMessage" />

The GetADDomainController custom action retrieves information for the domain controllers in the domain that contain the directory service specified in the GetADDomainControllersRequest (section SOAP header Server (section element. If the Server element specifies an AD LDS instance, then the server MUST return a fault, as specified in section Upon success, the server MUST return a GetADDomainControllerResponse (section element with the GetADDomainControllerResponse/DomainControllers (section element (including child elements) filled in.

Upon receiving a GetADDomainControllerRequest message, the GetADDomainController custom action retrieves information on all domain controllers in the domain as specified by the input array of distinguished names of nTDSDSA objects (see [MS-ADTS] section in the GetADDomainControllerRequest/NtdsSettingsDN (section element.

For every domain controller represented by the GetADDomainControllerRequest/NtdsSettingsDN array, the GetADDomainController custom action constructs an ActiveDirectoryDomainController (section object (with all its elements populated) and adds it to the GetADDomainControllerResponse/DomainControllers array. When complete, the GetADDomainControllerResponse element MUST be returned.

The number and order of ActiveDirectoryDomainController elements in the GetADDomainControllerResponse/DomainControllers array MUST match the number and order of GetADDomainControllerRequest/NtdsSettingsDN elements specified in the request.

If an error occurs while processing this operation, the server MUST return the appropriate SOAP fault for the particular error condition as specified in section