A server processes a MoveADOperationMasterRole request using the Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol upon receiving a SOAP message that contains the MoveADOperationMasterRole SOAP header and that specifies the following URI as the SOAP action:


This operation is specified by the following WSDL.

 <wsdl:operation name="MoveADOperationMasterRole">
         message="ca:MoveADOperationMasterRoleRequest" />
       message="ca:MoveADOperationMasterRoleResponse" />
 "ca:TopologyManagement_MoveADOperationMasterRole_MoveADOperationMasterRoleFault_FaultMessage" />

The MoveADOperationMasterRole custom action moves the FSMO role specified by element MoveADOperationMasterRoleRequest/OperationMasterRole (section to the directory service specified by the SOAP header Server element (section in the MoveADOperationMasterRoleRequest.

If the MoveADOperationMasterRoleRequest/Seize element is set to TRUE, then the MoveADOperationMasterRole custom action seizes (section the FSMO role only after first attempting a regular transfer (section which has failed.

On successful completion of the FSMO role transfer (or seizure), the MoveADOperationMasterRole custom action MUST create a MoveADOperationMasterRoleResponse element, set the MoveADOperationMasterRoleResponse/WasSeized element to TRUE or FALSE, and return the MoveADOperationMasterRoleResponse object. The WasSeized element indicates whether the FSMO role was seized (TRUE) or transferred (FALSE).

To transfer a FSMO role, the server writes the appropriate rootDSE attribute of the directory instance ([MS-ADTS] sections through The table under section contains information on the rootDSE attribute to modify to transfer a role.

To seize a FSMO role, the server writes the distinguishedName of the nTDSDSA object of the new role owner [MS-ADTS] sections and<57> The table under section contains information about which object attribute to write to seize a role.

If an error occurs while processing this operation, the server MUST return the appropriate SOAP fault for the particular error condition as specified in section