NTFRS Member Object

Each NTFRS member object (class nTFRSMember) corresponds to a computer that is part of a replica set.

Each NTFRS member object MUST be stored in the domain naming context at the following RDN, within the NTFRS replica set object that is its parent:


where memberName is a unique string to identify this member. It can be a GUID or host name or any strings that is unique.

The attributes of this object that FRS uses are:

frsComputerReference: MUST be the Unicode DN of the computer object to which this NTFRS member object applies. This attribute provides a link to the computer object from the NTFRS member object.

The NTFRS member object can contain one or more NTDS connection objects (section that define the upstream partners that a member replicates from. NTDS connection objects refer to other NTFRS member objects in the same replica set object using the fromServer attribute.

Exactly one NTFRS member object MUST exist for each computer that participates in each replica set within a domain.

The schema definition for the NTFRS member object is provided by the nTFRSMember class definition, as specified in [MS-ADSC] section 2.208.