SKIP Function (Dataport, Report, XMLport)

Skips the current iteration of the current dataport, report, or XMLport.


While you can use SHOWOUTPUT Function (Report) to suppress printing the output from a section in a report, SKIP allows you to suppress any processing and move on.

If you perform some processing in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of a data item and you do not want this processing to take place in some situations, you can use SKIP as in the following code example.

IF Balance = 0 THEN
  ... // some processing

A typical situation in which you will use SKIP is when you want to retrieve records from a related table by using values in the current record for forming a filter. If the values in the current record already indicate that no records from the related table will be retrieved, there is no need to perform this processing and you can use SKIP to avoid it.

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