MenuSuite Object

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

The MenuSuite object contains the menus that are displayed in the Navigation Pane and in the Navigation Pane Designer. Each menu contains content for a specific departmental area, for example, Finance or Manufacturing.

A menu suite has the following characteristics:

  • It consists of a set of menus.

  • A menu contains a collection of menu nodes, which are displayed in a tree structure.

  • A menu node can be either a menu group or a menu item.

  • Each menu node has a GUID.

  • A menu group contains a collection of menu nodes.

  • A menu item is the lowest level in the tree. When you click a menu item, its associated form, report, batch job, dataport, or codeunit is run.

Creating and Designing MenuSuite Objects

You access a MenuSuite object from the Object Designer by clicking MenuSuite. You then have the following options:

  • Click New to open a dialog box to specify for which design level you want to create an object. If you have already created MenuSuite objects for all the levels that you have permission to, a message is displayed. After you select the design level, the Navigation Pane Designer opens, and you have the design permissions associated with that level.

  • Select a MenuSuite object and then click Design to open the Navigation Pane Designer with the chosen menu suite content displayed.

  • Select the File and then click Import or Export to import and export files.

  • Click Tools, click Translate, and then click Import or Export for Translate import and export.

  • Click Tools and then click Compile to compile a MenuSuite object. The object references are compiled. If the MenuSuite object contains a reference to a non-existing form, report, batch job, dataport, or codeunit, a compilation error occurs.

The Run function in the Object Designer is disabled for MenuSuites.

Design Permissions

You can create new forms or reports and insert these into menus as menu items. You can also make modifications to existing application objects. You have the same design permissions as an administrator. As a developer working as a Microsoft Certified Partner, you have permission to create a MenuSuite object at the Partner level. You also have permission to create a MenuSuite object at the Company level, which can be useful for testing before you supply a company with a MenuSuite object.

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