Name Property

Sets the name of the object. The name is used for internal identification of the object in C/AL code.

  • Check boxes

  • Codeunits

  • Command buttons

  • Dataports

  • Fields

  • Forms

  • Frames

  • Images

  • Indicators

  • Labels

  • Matrix boxes

  • Menu buttons

  • Menu items

  • Option buttons

  • Pages

  • Picture boxes

  • Reports

  • Shapes

  • Subforms

  • Tab controls

  • Table boxes

  • Tables

  • Text boxes

  • XMLports

Unlike the ID Property, the value of the Name property does not have to be unique; however, it is a good practice to use unique names. The Name can be up to 30 characters long.

When you use the Name in C/AL code, it is automatically converted to the value of the ID Property when the C/AL code is compiled.

For forms, reports, dataports, and XMLports, the name is the default for the Caption Property.

For controls, the default name is based on the ID for all controls except check boxes, option boxes, picture boxes, and indicators.

For option boxes, the default name is derived from the option value, the ID, or the variable or field name.

For check boxes, picture boxes, and indicators the default name comes from the ID, or the variable or field name.

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