Customizing a MenuSuite
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Customizing a MenuSuite

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

You customize a menu suite in the Navigation Pane Designer. To access the various design options, right-click menu buttons, menu groups, menu items, or anywhere in the content pane area. In addition to having access to the same design options as an administrator, you can do the following:

  • Create new menu items by specifying object type, object ID, caption, and multilanguage caption.

  • Set Object Type, Object ID, Caption, and CaptionML properties for a menu item.

A generic MenuSuite object is provided at the MBS level. This object is changed in various ways before end-users see its content. These changes are applied at different levels, which have been categorized as Country/Region, Add-on, Partner, and Company. For example, the MenuSuite object is changed when the application requires localization changes. This takes place at the Country/Region level. As a developer working at a Microsoft Certified Partner, you customize a MenuSuite object at the Partner level. You can also configure a MenuSuite object at the Company level, which is the level that administrators work on. When designing a MenuSuite object, the header area of the Navigation Pane Designer displays text to indicate the level that you are working on.

Changes that are made to a MenuSuite object are stored as the differences between the previous MenuSuite object level and the current one. For example, when a company administrator configures a MenuSuite object at the Company level, the modifications are stored as the differences between the Company level and the Partner level, which was the previous level. If you export a MenuSuite object in text format and then open the text file, you will see information about the changes that you have made in comparison with the previous level. For more information about exporting a MenuSuite object, see Exporting a MenuSuite Object.

There can only be one MenuSuite object for each level, with the exception of the Add-on MenuSuite object, for which there can be a maximum of 10 instances.

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