Walkthrough: Setting Up Document Approvals

The document approvals feature enables companies to automate the process of requesting approvals on documents like sales or purchase orders. When you set up document approvals, you establish an approver for each user, and you can also set a substitute approver. You set the sales, purchase, and request limits per user, so that when users create a document above their limits, they are prompted to send an approval request. Approval requests and other notifications are sent using a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. You must set up notifications so that approvers are alerted when they have a document waiting for approval.

This walkthrough illustrates the following tasks:

  • Setting up two users with Windows Authentication log on credentials.

  • Applying document approval settings for the two users.

  • Setting up e-mail notification.


To complete this walkthrough, you will need:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Demo installed. For more information, see Demo Install Option.

  • Two users with permission to work in the CRONUS International database. For more information, see How to: Create Users in the installation and configuration Help.

  • SMTP server that you and the second user you create are members of.

Sean is a power user at CRONUS International Ltd. CRONUS has several departments that handle documents, including Sales and Purchasing. Sean has been asked to set up document approvals to automate the process of requesting an approval. He decides to test the approval process on a single machine before setting it up for CRONUS employees. He creates two users with Windows Authentication log on credentials. He then sets approval limits for the users and designates the templates to be used for approvals. Finally, he sets up notifications to alert users when an approval is ready for consideration.

Sean adds an additional user with Windows Authentication log on credentials.


To perform the procedures in this walkthrough, you can create a second user with a computer log on, rather than a domain log on.

To add a second computer user

  1. On your computer, locate the Local Users and Groups console tree.

    If you are working on a machine with Microsoft Windows Vista installed, you may need to open the Microsoft Management Console, and add the Local Users and Groups snap-in.

    If you are working on a machine with Microsoft Windows Server installed, you can open Computer Management, and then expand System Tools.

  2. Expand Local Users and Groups, right-click the Users folder, and on the shortcut menu, click Add User.

  3. Add the log on information for the second user. Be sure that you clear the User must change password at next logon check box.

After he has created a second user, Sean must add the user to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server database. This is a task that is performed in the Classic client, where security settings are established even if the setup is for working in the RoleTailored client.

To add your second user to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  1. In the Classic client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 with Microsoft SQL Server, click Tools, point to Security, and then click Windows Logins.

  2. In the Windows Logins window, on an empty row, type the user's login in the format UserDomain\UserName. Press TAB to add the user.

  3. Select the new user, and click Roles.

  4. In the Roles window, in the Role ID column, select Super.

  5. Close the Roles window and the Windows Login window.

  6. On the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Synchronize All Logins.

    To ensure that the new user has been properly added to the CRONUS demo database, you can use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to view the list of users added to the database. You may also want to log as the new user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

When he has confirmed that his second user has been added to the database, Sean switches to the RoleTailored client. He adds himself as a salesperson, because he will approve documents sent by the additional user he created. Sean sets himself as the approver, and sets sales and purchase limits that require approval for the user he created previously.

To set up document approvals users

  1. In the RoleTailored client, click Departments, click Sales and Marketing, and then click Sales.

  2. Click Salespeople, and then click New.

  3. In the Code box, add your initials, and in the Name box, type your name.

  4. Click Departments, click Application Setup, and then click Document Approval.

  5. Click Approval Setup, and in the Approval Setup window, click User Setup.

  6. Click New, and then in the Approval User Setup window, select the User ID for yourself.

  7. Complete the user setup with the information in the User 2 column in the following table. Then, use the information in the User 1 column to set up the user you created.


You must set up an approver before you can set up users who require that approver's approval. Therefore, you set up User 2, who acts as the approver in this scenario, before you set up User 1.

Approval Settings User 1 User 2 (you)

User ID

Provide the user ID you assigned this user

Provide the user ID you assigned this user

Salespers./Purch. Code

User 2

Approver ID

User 2

Sales Amount Approval Limit


Select the Unlimited check box

Purchase Amount Approval Limit


Select the Unlimited check box

Request Amount Approval Limit


Select the Unlimited check box


User 1 e-mail address

User 2 e-mail address

Sean applies notification settings to ensure he is notified when an approval is ready. He sets Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automatically request a comment when a user rejects an approval request. Finally, he completes the SMTP mail setup, so that mail will be sent when an approval request is sent.

To set up e-mail notification

  1. In the Approval Setup window, on the Approval Administrator drop-down list, select your User ID.

  2. Select the Request Rejection Comment check box.

  3. Expand the Notification FastTab, and in the Notify User About list, select all four check boxes.

  4. Click OK, and then open the Approval Templates page.

  5. Double-click a line, and select the Enabled check box for the P-Order and the S-Order.

To set up SMTP mail

  1. Click Departments, click IT Administration, click General, and then click SMTP Mail Setup.

  2. In the SMTP Server text box, type the name of your SMTP server.

  3. In the Authentication box, select Basic.

  4. Add the user ID and password for your SMTP server.

    This is generally the administrator ID and password for the SMTP server that you and your second user are registered on. You can also use Anonymous authentication.

When you have completed the document approvals setup, you can try sending and approving, rejecting, or delegating approval requests. For more information, see "Walkthrough: Approving Documents," in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 online Help.

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