SourceExpr Property

Sets the source expression for this control.

  • Check boxes

  • Command buttons

  • Dataport fields

  • Forms

  • Indicators

  • Menu buttons

  • Option boxes

  • Pages

  • Picture boxes

  • Text boxes

A source expression is a C/AL expression that defines where to find the value of a control. The source expression is evaluated when updates are performed. A source expression can be as simple as the name of a table field; it can also be a complex C/AL expression.

For some controls, the source expression has a special meaning:

  • For a menu item, the setting of SourceExpr must evaluate to true or false. true means that the menu item will appear checked, false means that it will appear unchecked (normal).

  • For a control that has a BitmapList Property, the (integer) source expression is used to select a bitmap from the list.

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