IUIAutomationElement::GetCurrentPropertyValueEx Method

Retrieves a property value for this UI Automation element, optionally ignoring any default value.


HRESULT GetCurrentPropertyValueEx(          PROPERTYID propertyId,
    BOOL ignoreDefaultValue,
    VARIANT *retVal


[in] The identifier of the property. For a list of property IDs, see Property Identifiers.
[in] A value that specifies whether a default value should be ignored if the specified property is not supported: TRUE if the default value is not to be returned, or FALSE if it is to be returned.
[out, retval] The address of a VARIANT that receives the value.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


Passing FALSE in the ignoreDefaultValue parameter is equivalent to calling IUIAutomationElement::GetCurrentPropertyValue.

If the Microsoft UI Automation provider for the element itself supports the property, the value of the property is returned. Otherwise, if ignoreDefaultValue is FALSE, a default value specified by UI Automation is returned.

This method returns a failure code if the requested property was not previously cached.

UI Automation properties of the double type support Not a Number (NaN) values. When retrieving a property of the double type, a client can use the _isnan function to determine whether the property is a NaN value.

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