Combo Box (MSAA UI Element Reference)

Note  This topic describes Combo Box objects for purposes of MSAA UI Element Reference. How to create Combo Box objects in various UI frameworks is not described here. See the API reference documentation for the UI framework you're using.

A combo box is a list box combined with a static control or an edit control that displays the currently selected item in the list box portion of the combo box. The list box portion of the control is displayed at all times or only drop down when the user selects the drop-down arrow (which is a push button) next to the control. If the selection field is an edit control, the user can enter information not in the list; otherwise, the user can only select items in the list.

The window class name for a combo box is "COMBOBOX".

The contents of the IAccessible properties depend on which of the following parts of the combo box is queried by the client:

  • The combo box window
  • The edit control or static text control
  • The drop-down arrow (which is a push button)
  • The list box
  • The list items in the list box

IAccessible Methods

Combo boxes support the following IAccessible methods:

IAccessible Properties

Combo boxes support the following IAccessible properties:


  • When accNavigate is called with the NAVDIR_NEXT flag on the list box part of a combo box, it incorrectly navigates to the tray window when it should return VT_EMPTY.

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