Calendar Control (MSAA UI Element Reference)

Note  This topic describes Calendar Control objects for purposes of MSAA UI Element Reference. How to create Calendar Control objects in various UI frameworks is not described here. See the API reference documentation for the UI framework you're using.

Calendar controls provide a simple and intuitive way for a user to select a date from a familiar interface.

The window class name for a month calendar control is MONTHCAL_CLASS, which is defined as "SysMonthCal32" in Commctrl.h. Information in this topic applies to the month calendar control in version 5 of Commctrl.h.

IAccessible Methods

Calendar controls support the following IAccessible methods:

IAccessible Properties

Calendar controls support the following IAccessible properties:

get_accChildCount The ChildCount property is zero.
get_accName The Name property is obtained from the static text control that labels the calendar control. When creating controls, server developers must ensure that a static text control immediately precedes the control that it labels within the tab order.
get_accParent The Parent property is a window ( ROLE_SYSTEM_WINDOW ) that surrounds the control and has the same Name property and window class name as the control.
get_accRole The Role property is ROLE_SYSTEM_CLIENT.
get_accState The State property is a combination of one or more of the following values



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