Animation Control (MSAA UI Element Reference)

Animation controls silently display an audio video interleaved (AVI) clip. Animation controls are usually displayed when files are being copied or when some other time-consuming task is being performed.

The window class name for an animation control is ANIMATE_CLASS, which is defined as "SysAnimate32" in Commctrl.h.

IAccessible Methods

Animation controls support the following IAccessible methods:

IAccessible Properties

Animation controls support the following IAccessible properties:

get_accChildCount The ChildCount property is zero.
get_accKeyboardShortcut Animation controls do not have keyboard shortcuts. However, if the label for the control contains an access key (an underlined character in the text of the control's label), get_accKeyboardShortcut returns a non-NULL string. This string contains the access key character appended to the string "Alt+". For example, if the label is "Downloading Files", KeyboardShortcut is "Alt+d".
get_accName The Name property is obtained from the static text control that labels the animation control. When creating controls, server developers must ensure that a static text control immediately precedes the control that it labels within the tab order.
get_accParent The Parent property is a window ( ROLE_SYSTEM_WINDOW ) that surrounds the control and has the same Name property and window class name as the control.
get_accRole The Role property is ROLE_SYSTEM_ANIMATION.
get_accState The State property is a combination of one or more of the following object state constants:


For more information, see Object State Constants.


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