Calendar Identifiers

This topic defines the calendar identifiers (data type CALID) that are used to specify different calendars. Your applications can use these identifiers when using the following NLS functions and callback functions, which have parameters that take the CALID data type:

The following values are defined. All other values are reserved. These values cannot be combined with one another.

Calendar identifierMeaning
1CAL_GREGORIANGregorian (localized)
2CAL_GREGORIAN_USGregorian (English strings always)
3CAL_JAPANJapanese Emperor Era
4CAL_TAIWANTaiwan calendar
5CAL_KOREAKorean Tangun Era
6CAL_HIJRIHijri (Arabic Lunar)
8CAL_HEBREWHebrew (Lunar)
9CAL_GREGORIAN_ME_FRENCHGregorian Middle East French
11CAL_GREGORIAN_XLIT_ENGLISHGregorian transliterated English
12CAL_GREGORIAN_XLIT_FRENCHGregorian transliterated French
23CAL_UMALQURAWindows Vista and later: Um Al Qura (Arabic lunar) calendar


Note  The gap in numbering between the identifiers CAL_GREGORIAN_XLIT_FRENCH and CAL_UMALQURA is intentional. The designator for CAL_UMALQURA is 23, not 13.

In addition, EnumCalendarInfo and EnumCalendarInfoEx allow the use of the value ENUM_ALL_CALENDARS to request an enumeration of all applicable calendars.

0xffffffffENUM_ALL_CALENDARSAll applicable calendars for the specified locale