Audio Renderer (WaveOut) Filter

This filter uses the waveOut* API to render waveform audio. However, the DirectSound Renderer Filter provides the same functionality using DirectSound. By default, the Filter Graph Manager uses the DirectSound Renderer instead of this filter. Audio mixing is disabled in the waveOut Audio Renderer, so if you need to mix multiple audio streams during playback, use the DirectSound renderer.

This filter does not check the audio stream's subtype. The WAVEFORMAT or WAVEFORMATEX structure passed in the format contains the information needed for the connection.

This filter supports a range of sample rates that depends on the audio driver.

Filter Interfaces
Input Pin Media TypesMEDIATYPE_Audio
Input Pin Interfaces
Output Pin Media TypesNot applicable.
Output Pin InterfacesNot applicable.
Filter CLSIDCLSID_AudioRender
Property Page CLSIDCLSID_AudioProperties, CLSID_AudioRendererAdvancedProperties
Filter Category CLSID_AudioRendererCategory


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