Windows Sync Enumerations

This section of the Windows Sync Reference contains documentation for the following enumerations.


CONFLICT_RESOLUTION_POLICY Represents the options for the concurrency conflict resolution policy to use for the synchronization session.
FILTERING_TYPE Indicates the type of information that is included in a change batch during filtered synchronization.
KNOWLEDGE_COOKIE_COMPARISON_RESULT Represents the possible results when a knowledge cookie is compared with a knowledge object by using ISyncKnowledge2::CompareToKnowledgeCookie.
SYNC_FULL_ENUMERATION_ACTION Represents the action to be taken by an application in response to ISyncCallback::OnFullEnumerationNeeded.
SYNC_PROGRESS_STAGE Represents the stages of a synchronization session.
SYNC_PROVIDER_ROLE Represents the role of a provider, relative to the other provider in the synchronization session.
SYNC_RESOLVE_ACTION Represents actions that are taken to resolve a specific concurrency conflict.
SYNC_SERIALIZATION_VERSION Represents version of Microsoft Sync Framework.
SYNC_STATISTICS Represents types of statistics that convey information about a component.


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