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Further Information

Further explanation of the terms and concepts discussed in this color management overview can be found in the following sources:

  • R.W.G. Hunt, Measuring Color, Prentice Hall 1991 (2nd edition).
  • James D. Foley, Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Addison-Wesley 1990 (2nd edition).
  • Roy Hall, Illumination and Color in Computer Generated Imagery, Springer Verlag 1988.
  • Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr., Max Saltzmann, and Roy Berns, Principles of Color Technology, Wiley 1999 (3rd edition).

Another good source of information the Web page of the International Color Consortium (ICC) at URL: http://www.color.org/. The membership of the ICC includes leaders and standard-setting bodies of the computer and imaging industries.



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