Device Calibration and Characterization Functions

The following functions are useful for writing device calibration and characterization tools needed for installing and calibrating color display devices such as monitors and printers.

CloseColorProfile Closes a profile.
CreateDeviceLinkProfile Creates an ICC device-link profile.
GetColorProfileElement Retrieves data from a given profile element.
GetColorProfileElementTag Retrieves the tag name from a profile element.
GetColorProfileFromHandle Retrieves the color profile contents given a handle to an open color profile.
GetColorProfileHeader Retrieves the header from a profile.
GetCountColorProfileElements Counts the tagged elements in a profile.
GetPS2ColorRenderingDictionary Gets a PostScript color rendering dictionary.
GetPS2ColorRenderingIntent Gets a PostScript color rendering intents.
GetPS2ColorSpaceArray Gets a PostScript color space from a profile.
IsColorProfileTagPresent Checks that a given tag is present in a profile.
IsColorProfileValid Checks that a profile is a valid ICC profile.
OpenColorProfile Opens a profile and returns a handle to it.
SetColorProfileElement Writes data for a given profile element.
SetColorProfileElementReference Creates a tag that refers to existing tag data.
SetColorProfileElementSize Sets the size of a given profile element.
SetColorProfileHeader Sets the header information in a given profile.
WcsGetCalibrationManagementState Determines whether system management of the display calibration state is enabled.
WcsSetCalibrationManagementState Determines whether system management of the display calibration state is enabled.