2.1 Transport

This protocol uses RPC Dynamic Endpoints as defined in Part 4 of [C706].

This protocol MUST use the DCOM Remote Protocol, as specified in [MS-DCOM], as its transport. On its behalf, the DCOM Remote Protocol uses the following RPC protocol sequence: RPC over TCP, as specified in [MS-RPCE].

To access an interface, the client MUST request a DCOM connection to its well-known object UUID endpoint on the server, as specified in section 1.9.

The RPC version number for all interfaces MUST be 0.0.

An implementation of DFS Replication Helper MAY configure its DCOM implementation or underlying RPC transport with authentication parameters to allow clients to connect, or it MAY choose to not set these parameters. The details of this are implementation-specific.<1>

The DFS Replication Helper interfaces make use of the underlying DCOM security framework, as specified in [MS-DCOM], and rely upon it for access control.<2> DCOM differentiates between launch and access operations and also decides whether to deny or grant access for these operations.

An implementation of DFS Replication Helper SHOULD choose to restrict access to the interfaces.<3>