Query Notifications Header

This packet data stream header allows the client to specify that a notification is to be supplied on the results of the request. The contents of the header specify the information necessary for delivery of the notification. For more information about query notification<18> functionality for a database server that supports SQL, see [MSDN-QUERYNOTE].

Stream Specific Rules:

 NotifyId         =   USHORT UNICODESTREAM ; user specified value
                                             when subscribing to the
                                             query notification
 NotifyTimeout    =   ULONG                ; duration in which the query
                                             notification subscription
                                             is valid

The USHORT field defined within the NotifyId and SSBDeployment rules specifies the length, in bytes, of the actual data value, defined by the UNICODESTREAM, that follows it.<19> The time unit of NotifyTimeout is milliseconds.

Stream Definition:

 Header Data      =   NotifyId