XML Values

This section defines the XML data type definition stream, which was introduced in TDS 7.2.

 DBNAME                =   B_VARCHAR
 XML_INFO              =   SCHEMA_PRESENT
                           [DBNAME OWNING_SCHEMA

SCHEMA_PRESENT specifies "0x01" if the type has an associated schema collection and DBNAME, OWNING_SCHEMA and XML_SCHEMA_COLLECTION MUST be included in the stream, or '0x00' otherwise.

DBNAME specifies the name of the database where the schema collection is defined.

OWNING_SCHEMA specifies the name of the relational schema containing the schema collection.

XML_SCHEMA_COLLECTION specifies the name of the XML schema collection to which the type is bound.

Note The actual data value format associated with a XML data type definition stream uses the Microsoft SQL Server Binary XML structure [MS-BINXML] format.