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A server processes a SetPassword request using the Active Directory Web Services: Custom Action Protocol upon receiving a SOAP message that contains the SetPasswordRequest_Headers header and that specifies the following URI as the SOAP action:


This operation is specified by the following WSDL.

 <wsdl:operation name="SetPassword">
         message="ca:SetPasswordRequest" />
       message="ca:SetPasswordResponse" />
 "ca:AccountManagement_SetPassword_SetPasswordFault_FaultMessage" />

Upon receiving the SetPassword request, the server sets the password on the principal contained in the SetPasswordRequest/AccountDN element (section, specified by the NC contained in the SetPasswordRequest/PartitionDN element (section The new password is contained in the SetPasswordRequest/NewPassword element (section Upon success, the server MUST return a SetPasswordResponse message (section with an empty SetPasswordResponse element (section

In the case of AD LDS, the SetPassword custom action sets the value of the user!userPassword or the inetOrgPerson!userPassword attribute of the given security principal. In the case of AD DS, either the user!unicodePwd or the inetOrgPerson!unicodePwd attribute is set. See [MS-ADTS] section and [MS-SAMR] section for additional processing considerations.

If an error occurs while processing this operation, the server MUST return the appropriate SOAP fault for the particular error condition as specified in section

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