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1.4 Relationship to Other Protocols

1.4 Relationship to Other Protocols

 The Distributed File System: Replication (DFS-R) Protocol uses RPC, as specified in [C706] and [MS-RPCE], for all synchronization communication. DFS-R relies on authenticated, encrypted RPC traffic and therefore uses the NT LAN Manager (NTLM) (as specified in [MS-NLMP]) and Kerberos (as specified in [MS-KILE]) protocols, which are integral to [MS-RPCE]. It uses AD to manage configuration. It uses RDC to retrieve file data. Windows implementations of DFS-R also provide a WMI interface that is used for monitoring the state of a member. The WMI interface serves an additional role in versions of DFS-R on the Windows client, where it is used for injecting configurations.

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