Transformation into a Deleted-Object

When the delete operation results in the transformation of an object into a deleted-object, the following processing rules apply to the delete operation:

  • For originating updates:

    • The RDN for the deleted-object is the object's delete-mangled RDN, as specified in Delete Operation in section For replicated updates, the received RDN for the deleted-object is set on the object.

    • The lastKnownParent attribute value is set to the DN of the object's parent at the time of its deletion.

    • The msDS-LastKnownRDN attribute value is set to the RDN of the object before the deletion transformation.

    • Additional operations might be performed if the object being modified is a SAM-specific object (section; see [MS-SAMR] section

  • The attributes objectCategory and sAMAccountType are removed.

  • The isDeleted attribute is set to true.

  • The object is moved into the Deleted Objects container in its NC, except in the following scenarios, when it MUST remain in its current place:

    • The object is an NC root.

    • The object's systemFlags value has FLAG_DISALLOW_MOVE_ON_DELETE bit set.